Welcome to Cochran Electric, Inc.

Cochran Electric, Inc. is a regional leader in electrical design and construction, and is dedicated to providing skilled craftsmanship, impeccable performance along with competitive pricing to customers across the region.

Our ability to provide a highly qualified level of service whether as a contractor, consultant or designer of new or altered systems is based on an extensive range of experience in the Commercial, Industrial, Institutional & Utility business sectors. Whether the clients needs revolve around an expansion to an existing system, or construction of a new system from ground up; Cochran Electric, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to increase the rate at which business is performed, increasing overall profitability to the client.

Cochran Electric, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company with an excellent record of success. Since 1983, we have consistently demonstrated a level of integrity and stability that has led to many continuing relationships with clients who appreciate our reliable and timely completion of projects, and our leadership.

Welcome to Cochran Electric, Inc.

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